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Soyuz TMA-M Spacecraft

The Soyuz TMA manned transport spacecraft

General Data

The Soyuz TMA-M manned transport vehicle (MTV) of a new series is developed on the basis of the Soyuz TMA vehicle the flights of which have been performed since October 2002.

Development Customer is the Federal Space Agency.
Prime Contractor is S.P. Korolev Rocket & Space Corporation Energia.

Purpose, tasks and main characteristics of the new series vehicle are the same as the base vehicle has.

The Soyuz TMA-M MTV as compared with the base vehicle has been modified in order to:

  • replace the onboard devices of guidance, navigation and control system (GN&CS) and onboard measurement system (OMS) by the devices developed on the basis of modern EEE parts and matured software;
  • extend the functional capabilities of the vehicle with regard to the onboard system control from the onboard computers of GN&CS and provide deeper integration with the onboard computers of the International Space Station Russian Segment (ISS RS) when using a multiplex exchange channel;
  • increase the capabilities to deliver a payload through the mass reduction of the onboard systems.

The made modifications are one of the measures aimed to the development of manned transport vehicle of new generation (MTV NG). The flight certification of the new devices and the equipment installed onboard the Soyuz TMA-M MTV will allow to accept the corresponding decisions applicable to the manned transport vehicle of the new generation.

Vehicle Configuration

The external configuration of the vehicle with modernized onboard systems completely corresponds to the Soyuz TMA vehicles of the previous series.

Soyuz TMA-M vehicle

  1. Docking assembly.
  2. Descent module.
  3. Transfer compartment.
  4. Instrument module.
  5. Service module.
  6. Habitation module.
  7. Landing hatch.
  8. Pilot’s optical sight.

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