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Роскосмос Энергия

Пролетаем над ПатагониейFly over the Patagonia. South America. (фото)

Пролетаем над Патагонией. Южная Америка.

Экипаж МКС-67 поздравляет с Днём Победы (видео)

Flying over the Planet… (video)

Change of command aboard International Space Station. May 4, 2022. (video)

Aboard the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Tom Marshburn handed over command of the International Space Station to Roscosmos cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev during a change of command ceremony May 4.

Our Spacewalk April 28, 2022 //Timelapse// (video)

Video gift from NASA astronaut Kayla Barron.

Changed Cabins //How Cosmonauts sleep// (video)

A month ago, after seeing how ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer looked with admiration at our cabins with a porthole, he invited him to sleep in it, and he happily agreed to change for a couple of nights before flying back to Earth.

I spent two nights in Columbus (the ISS module commissioned by EKA) and Matthias in our Service Module.

Космонавты Роскосмоса вынесли в открытый космос копию Знамени Победы (видео)

Live Broadcast of the Spacewalk of the Russian Crew on April 18, 2022 (video)

On April 28, 2022, the 53rd planned spacewalk. It will again be performed by the crew of the 67th long-term expedition to the ISS – Roscosmos cosmonauts Oleg Artemiev and Denis Matveev.

The purpose of the exit: to continue the preparation of the ERA remote manipulator for operation on the Russian segment of the ISS.

Live broadcast start: April 28, 2022, 17:15 Moscow time.

Артемьев, Корсаков и Матвеев приготовили кулич на МКС (видео)

Космонавты Олег Артемьев, Денис Матвеев и Сергей Корсаков своими руками приготовили пасхальный кулич на борту МКС.

Amateur radio session from the ISS (video)

Today, April 18, amateur radio enthusiasts around the world celebrate their “professional” holiday – World Amateur Radio Day.

The holiday was founded by the International Union of Radio Amateurs on April 18, 1925 in Paris and today, radio amateurs from more than 150 countries of the world are members of this organization.

We, aboard the ISS, are undergoing an experiment “About Gagarin from Space” – an open transmission from the Russian Segment of the ISS via an amateur radio communication channel to ground receiving stations of radio amateurs around the world of photographic materials dedicated to the life and work of the first cosmonaut of the planet Yuri Gagarin.

Happy holiday, radio amateurs around the world!